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The rancor surrounding the George Zimmerman acquittal failed to address the ignored problem of black-on-black crime. 

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The laundry list of "persistent problems;" single parenthood, teen pregnancy, the dropout rate, rising welfare dependence, crime and the misery they produce, are all the effects of and are reinforced by the very worldview that Harris-Perry and her father subscribe to. If it's fixed, Liberals have to find a way to break it. They simply don't know how to mind their own business.

Trayvon Martin is a household name for all the wrong reasons.

On February 26, while reportedly returning from a corner store, the 17-year-old Martin — who was visiting his father — got into an altercation with self-appointed neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman. Zimmerman, who pursued Martin against the warnings of a 911 operator, shot and killed Martin in what he claims was self-defense.

Martin’s shooting created an international firestorm because Zimmerman, the apparent aggressor, was never taken into custody or charged with a crime. What is making things worse is that Martin is black, Zimmerman is Hispanic and the now-former police chief of Sanford, Florida — where Martin’s death occurred — is white.

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"Silence in the face of evil is itself evil:  God will not hold us guiltless.  Not to speak is to speak.  Not to act is to act."
—Dietrich Bonhoeffer

In an alternate reality, 54 million blacks would be alive in America today.  When adjusted for abortion, the number is 39 million.
The National Black Prolife Coalition says an average of 1,000 black babies are aborted every day.  Nationally, nearly one in three black pregnancies ends in abortion each year.  In New York City in 2009, 47%, or 40,798, of the city’s 87,273 abortions were performed on black women.
This led Alveda King, Martin Luther King Jr.’s niece, to declare that, “The most dangerous place for an African-American is in the womb!

As the White House lobbies to raise the nation’s debt ceiling, why not instead raise its moral ceiling? After decades of rewarding bad behavior, it is in the government’s best interest—and perhaps even its duty—to promote the morals and values that made our nation great.

The Obama administration wants Congress to raise the debt ceiling so our government can borrow more than the almost $14.3 trillion currently allowed by law.  Conservatives want any debt increase tied to spending cuts, and a recent vote shows Obama lacks the political capital to ram through an increase as he might have in the past.

But an increase in borrowing authority is no solution to our nation’s woes.

How will a little bump curtail unfunded entitlement liabilities some estimate to cost more than $100 trillion?

Instead of raising the ceiling for more debt to support policies rewarding unwed motherhood, broken families and failing government-run schools, we must instead raise America's moral ceiling to promote the institution of marriage, hard work and quality education.

In the long run, reinvigorating these virtues could effectively cut spending by lessening the need for government entitlements now certain to bankrupt our government.

Conventional wisdom suggests a precipitous moral decline in America since the 1960s.  Consequently, no subgroup has been affected more than the black family.  The notion of family has changed.  Marriage no longer seems to hold the same appeal and divorce rates have skyrocketed.  Two-parent homes and academic performances suffer chronically, while crime and illegitimacy flourish.  But the liberal elite apparently considers all this a series of social non sequiturs.

Boy, this has been a crazy couple of weeks, from border law protests from Arizona to Washington D.C, to a near fatal terrorist attack in Times Square, to a “methane triggered” oil rig blast on the Gulf of Mexico.

The mainstream media has had its hands full keeping up with the current events and reporting on them accurately……cough…cough.

You know it’s funny, the national media that took and ran with allegations of Tea Party protesters spitting on Congressmen is the same national media empathizing with the alleged attempted ‘Times Square bomber.” And again, ironically of course, the very same dinosaur media that made two weeks worth of news out of alleged racial slurs hurled at lawmakers during health care protest rallies, conveniently forgot to make such hay about the actual cases of vandalism and violence from Santa Cruz, California to Asheville, North Carolina brought on by Arizona immigration law protesters.

It’s so weird.

But given the other three examples (with some individual exceptions) are we to really expect accuracy and honesty form the so-called “forth branch of government?” Yeah, I didn’t think so!

Can someone explain to me why we have to sit and watch the Arizona illegal immigration debate and its narrative be steered by sports team executives and civil rights leaders?

Don’t get me wrong, I loved the Los-- I mean-- Phoenix Suns but I think I am going to have to side with Phil Jackson on this one: “If I heard right, it’s that the American people are for stronger immigration laws if I’m not mistaken. Where we stand as a basketball team, we should let that play out, let the political end of that go where it’s going to go.” In other words, (in my best Forrest Gump voice) “I am a basketball coach and that’s all I have to say about that.

And while we are on the subject of the Arizona illegal immigration reform act, what is the all the fuss about anyway? And why do we need civil rights victimhood vendors Sharpton and Jackson leading marches? I mean, considering the stellar job the federal government has done these last two decades, what is so wrong about Arizona securing its on boarders? Now I know what you are going to say but here’s a novel idea; the federal government should enforce existing immigration laws–laws that mirror the recently passed Arizona immigration bill. That said, hats off to Governor Brewer, the Arizona state legislature and the respective law enforcement agencies of the Grand Canyon State. On behalf of all sane, law abiding, taxpaying, common-sense, Americans, thank you for taking responsibility and doing what you were hired and elected by the people to do, in securing the economic and physical well being of your citizenry.

Now, to the mainstream media, Mr. Sharpton, Jackson, Congressman Gutierrez and an innumerable many other public figures who believe or defend the notion that the Arizona immigration law and to an even further extent, that there is a racist at the heart of all white people and the system is unfair and rigged for minorities to fail and for these and many other reasons, those who knowingly break American laws should not be arrested, prosecuted or deported–please wake up and smell the coffee.

Or please, for the love of Pete, report on the fact that Chicago lawmakers, like Arizona, are calling for the National Guard to help secure the economic and physical safety of its citizenry.

Yes, that’s right, you don’t see Mr. Sharpton and Jackson holding press conferences, airing on CNN, MSNBC, ABC and the likes about the gang-related violence, murders, and crimes that are beyond out of control in the streets of Chicago. Sadly protesting a law that makes what is already a federal crime a state crime is more financially profitable and politically beneficial.

While Phoenix is now the “kidnap capital of America,” Chicago is the 8th most murderous city in the country (2009), with murder rates in the first four months of 2010 putting the number one spot well within reach.

CNN reports that during the 2007-2008 school year, at least 20 students were killed, including 18 by gunfire. The year before, more than 30 students were killed, again mostly by gun violence and so far in 2010 there have been 36 murders.

Where are the unions or Shapton’s Nation Action Network or Jackson’s Rainbow Push Coalition or better yet, President Obama at on the weekly murders in his neck of the woods?

They are not coming folks because they are all too busy emphasizing with terrorists and illegal aliens, keeping that “boot” on the neck of British Petroleum, yukking it up at press dinners and working on their golf swing.

And on that note I would like to wish every mom and mother to be a happy Mothers Day. You are truly God's gift to the world.
Analysts and social commentators (God bless their hearts) with the best interests, the American interest, in mind, have always done their very best to keep the national conversation on racial disparities focused and centered on the best decisions that blacks can make to lift themselves from poverty to prosperity. 
In terms of educational, economic and social success, there have always been at least two schools of thought within the black American community. The first of which: 
What can we do for ourselves and what are we waiting for? 
This perspective, I believe, is beautifully illustrated by the words of Frederick Douglass given in a speech in Boston in 1865: 
“[I]n regard to the colored people, there is always more that is benevolent, I perceive, than just, manifested towards us. What I ask for the Negro is not benevolence, not pity, not sympathy, but simply justice. The American people have always been anxious to know what they shall do with us…I have had but one answer from the beginning. Do nothing with us! Your doing with us has already played the mischief with us. Do nothing with us! If the apples will not remain on the tree of their own strength, if they are worm-eaten at the core, if they are early ripe and disposed to fall, let them fall!…And if the negro cannot stand on his own legs, let him fall also. All I ask is, give him a chance to stand on his own legs! Let him alone!…[Y]our interference is doing him positive injury.” 
Douglass’ sentiment here cares not to be judged on the basis of his race but by his character, his intelligence, interests, physical attributes and abilities, skill levels and his motivation to succeed. 
Thankfully, American history is mired in examples of enormous black achievement amid the most racially pernicious time periods. History, that is often—purposefully I think—dismissed, omitted and outright lied about. 
As early as the 1850’s blacks had a win, win attitude towards the interests of public service and took full advantage of what was an inherent embrace from a welcoming Republican Party. 
1867- John F. Cook, a black Washingtonian, is named Chair of the Republican Party. 
1870- Of the 23 blacks elected to the United States Congress, 13 were former slaves and all were Republican. Please allow me: 1865, you are a slave, 1870, you are a sitting U.S Congressmen: 
Education Public and Armed Service: 
In the area of educational excellence, there exists—arguably—no greater American educational legacy than that of Dunbar High School and Thomas Sowell a Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University has chronicled that story: “From 1870 to 1955, most of Dunbar High School, (Washington D.C.’s first public school for blacks) graduates went off to college, earning degrees from Harvard, Princeton, Williams, Wesleyan and others. As early as 1899, Dunbar students had higher scores on citywide tests, than students at any of the District’s white schools. Dunbar’s attendance records were generally better than those of white schools and its rate of tardiness was lower. Latin was taught throughout the period from 1870 to 1955 and in the early decades, Greek was taught as well. Large classes were the norm, 40 students per teacher. It was more than 40 years before Dunbar had a lunchroom, which was then so small that many children had to eat lunch on the street. Blackboards were old and cracked. It was 1950 before the school had a public address system. Most of the parents of Dunbar students worked in unskilled and semiskilled occupations. White-collar and professional parents totaled 17 percent. 
“Yet the dogma marches on that a middle-class background is necessary for academic success,” Sowell opines. 
These and many other “black success stories” aren’t isolated incidents of academic and political accomplishment, that led to upper-class living standards but to the contrary, these occurrences were the norm and more importantly the culturally expected standard for our grandparents and great grandparents. 
The second school of thought did not take root until the onset and coupling of the “social engineering of the 1960’s.” and the eroding of personal responsibility within the black community. The message that blacks should “not work, don’t save and not get married,” was baked in and permeated black neighborhoods and soon enough, the aforementioned successes of blacks began to become over shadowed by what were alarming and distressing statistical rates within the black community. 
The second school of thought is more an “article of faith” than anything else: 
What can the government, “the man,” “whitie,” or the “system,” do for me and why is it taking so damn long? 
All too often intellectuals and second-hand intellectuals, for that matter, make the case that the existential threat to black achievement and the overwhelming reason for black underachievement is the “system.” As I stated in “part one:” “because of America’s racist past the system is forever rigged, most blacks are poor, there is a racist at the heart of all whites, and that because of these things, regardless of class or opportunity, no black American should be held to mainstream, (white) standards of morality or ‘academic achievement.’” 
This “I am forever a victim” way of thinking and its cultural acceptance has doomed us all. 
Nonetheless, numbers don’t lie: 
Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion provider in America. 78% of their clinics are in minority communities. According to the U.S. Centers for Dieses Control, blacks make up 12% of the population (36 million), but 35% of the abortions in America. The CDC reports that since 1973 there have been approximately more than 13 million aborted black fetuses in America. 
Black on Black Crime Rates 
According to the U.S. Department of Justice, 94 percent of all blacks killed nationally between 1976 and 1999 were killed by other blacks. 
On October 17th 2007 Chicago tribune columnist Clarence Paige reported that “Today’s young black males kill more young black males in a year than the Ku Klux Klan killed in its entire history. Paige chronicles that between 1882 and 1968, historians have documented more than 4,700 lynching of African Americans, mostly in the South. In 2005, the latest full year of FBI statistics concludes, “almost 8,000 black Americans were murdered, mostly by other black Americans.” 
Black Dropout Rates 
U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics shows that black students drop out of high school 11 percentage points fewer than they did in 1980, but still maintain a national average of 8.4 percent, 3 percentage points higher than their white counterparts. 
Pregnant Unwed and Out of Control 
The National Center for Health Statistics reports that in 2007 nearly 72 percent of the births to black women were out of wedlock. Mothers were unmarried in about 51 percent of Hispanic births and 28 percent of non-Hispanic white births. 
A 70 percent illegitimacy rate among blacks (90 percent in some inner cities) easily makes the point that there is a serious lack of accountability and responsibility. And the notion of blacks killing each other, whether by gun or by abortion doctor appointed visit, at a higher rate than the Ku Klux Klan could have ever dreamed of accomplishing is beyond disgraceful. And to know these facts, as many “civil rights leaders” and intellectuals and blacks in general do or to pretend that it is not truth (as ugly as it is) “or that “systemic” forces are more responsible than blacks themselves is knowingly to lie to oneself.” 
From the moment of emancipation our forefathers and mothers accomplished and secured for themselves the very best education, the highest positions in politics, armed services and the private sector, through hard work and an unflagging spirit of determination. 
But their successes or shortfalls for that matter were not contingent upon some “black agenda.” 
“Black America,” can we please stop wasting everyone’s time and end the loud debates and arguments based in denial and perpetual falseness? 
Let us simply have an agenda, wherein we remove ourselves from the “table,” get up and go to work.